💻🤓 The Obsession Automation: How I Watch Big Bang Theory Like a Geek

I have been obsessively watching The Big Bang Theory show for years. Even after the last episode aired in May 2019, I have been rewatching the episodes like there’s no tomorrow.

So, here’s how I watch it, like a geek:

I just type bb in my Linux Terminal and a random episode is played in VLC Player and all the 279 episodes are queued.

How it works

I have all the episodes saved on my hard disk. I created a VLC playlist with all the episodes and saved it as TBBT.xspf.

Then, I edited my bashrc config by typing vim ~/.bashrc and added the line:alias bb='xdg-open /mnt/146c6a60-c9b2-49c5-804f-646e9eb8040b/3/Entertainment/Serials/The\ Big\ Bang\ Theory/TBBT.xspf; exit'

So, when I type bb in the terminal, the playlist is launched and the exit command exits the terminal

The shuffle option in my VLC is kept enabled. With this, I can just watch random episodes from the show.