⏩👪 The case for early marriage

This might sound controversial to some. But, hear me out.

First of all,

  • I am not saying that everyone should get married.
  • I am not saying that everyone should have children.
  • When I say ‘early’ I mean earlier compared to the average I see in my culture and location.
  • If you feel that you will be able to enjoy your life being unmarried or by getting married later, that’s great too! More power to you!


If you do decide to get married and have children, then these points might be relevant to you.

I have presented these points in a purely secular and scientific context.

Age difference between you and your child

Having less age gap between you and your child will allow you to connect with them (‘them’ is used a a gender-neutral singular pronoun here.). You will have less generational difference between you with respect to technology, attitude, etc. Your child will feel less alienated.

Your physical health

If you are young for a significant period of your child’s life, you will be in better physical (and mental) health. It will allow you to be effective and parenting. You will be able to play with them.

Better health of your child

If you and your partner are young and biologically healthy, your child’s health will also be good. Mainly for women and upto an extent for men, there will be less issues related to fertility.

You will be alive for a greater part of your child’s life

This one is self-explanatory. You will be able to spend more time with your child, while being healthy and young.

Your child’s financial independence

If you have a child soon, they will be able to finish their education and training soon and become financially independent. During your old age, this will be a big support for you. If the child stands on their own legs early, you won’t have to worry about them a lot. You can retire early on and spend time on things you like.


If you get married late, your fertility could decrease, your child might be unhealthy and you will have a generational difference with your children. It will be difficult for you to connect with them. During the important parts of their life, you will be struggling with your own issues like illnesses.

If you do get married early, things would be easier for you.