⌨️ Perfectionism, Inertia and Blogging

I started this blog to express my views and share my insights. I wanted to share what I learned, with others and my future self. This blog is a digital extension of my self.

But, there is one challenge that I have been facing: the urge to write ‘perfect’ posts, leading to inertia.

I was kinda expecting all posts to be like Mental Aging or The Giants on Whose Shoulders I Stand. This has lead to so much inertia. So, finally, I thought that I need to counter this and write all that I wanted to write. And there are so many things I want to write; so many things that I am passionate about. This post is an attempt to break the inertia.

Now that I have migrated the site to a new hosting and installed analytics, it’s time to power through!

See you in the next post!