🧠☀️😷 Logic, Free Energy and Social Pathology

Warning: Rant

It’s so infuriating to see things happening illogically! I am the kind of person who gives a lot of importance to things like efficiency, logic and science. It’s very challenging to write about this. One of the reasons why is the frustration it brings up even thinking about how messed up and illogical our reality is. If there were few things that were illogical, I could tolerate them. But, unfortunately, it seems that most things are illogical. It feels kinda pessimistic thinking this. But, it seems to be what is happening.

It might make me sound dorky, but it doesn’t matter. I stand by it. These things are extremely important to me. And BTW, I think there is a deep connection between people being intellectual and they being perceived as geeks, nerds or dorks. There is something quite insidious happening there. I might write about it in another post.

One thing comes to mind: Solar energy. Where I live, in Gulbarga, India, we get our electricity from a coal power plant. An overwhelmingly large majority of us use the electricity produced by this plant. Why is that even in the year 2021, people around me are not considering switching to solar? Why? Why? It’s very difficult to express my rage without cursing and breaking my site’s clean language policy. I tried to push for solar at my house. The result was unsuccessful. As I don’t live independently, I don’t have the power to make this change by myself. (It might sound weird to people from countries with individualistic culture, but it’s common in India for 23 year old people to live with their parents. I can understand your feeling.)

When I build my own house, I will try for full solar. It’s a clear no-brainer for me. Why would anyone want to pay for electricity every month and contribute to pollution? We already have a giant nuclear reactor, the Sun, which gives off free energy. Just install a basic setup, which will only cost Rs 25k. And keep adding more panels whenever possible, till the point where you don’t need conventional power.

I want people to be very open regarding their self improvement. Here’s what I mean by it: I want my friends to be radically honest when I ask for feedback. I want them to tell me in detail what are my strengths and weaknesses, how I can improves, etc. And I want them to ask such feedback from me. It’s so efficient, isn’t it? Choose someone whom you trust. Open up with them. Ask them for feedback. Give them feedback. Improve yourself radically. And be the best person you can be.

What happens instead is, I think this guy has some negative qualities, let me share my observations with him in a private, respectful and empathetic manner. When I do so, this guy behaves as if I have insulted his very existence. Like dude, you have this toxic quality, it probably is negatively affecting people around you. Why can’t you accept the feedback? Ideal people would respond like this: First of all, thanks, man, so much for being courageous enough to share this feedback with me and for caring enough about me to share ways in which I can improve. I agree with this point and I disagree with that point. I will definitely reflect upon all these points.

What’s so difficult about it? I am not oblivious to the reasons why people don’t behave so. I understand the psychology behind it. I understand how their ego stops them from accepting their faults, how our socioeconomic system breeds narcissism in them and how our stupid education system has crushed their critical thinking abilities. Even after knowing these reasons, I hate that they are so narrow-minded that they continue to hold their negative qualities for a very long time, perhaps their lifetime, instead of reflecting a little bit, becoming little better as a human and actually trying to reach their potential.

Just imagine how different the world would be, if people start thinking that maybe, just maybe, there might be some negative qualities in them and trying to become a little better every day.

Anyway, climate change seems to be our collapse. I am seeing the ways in which our society is becoming pathological, how we are becoming a dystopia. What I am writing is for me and those souls who think. Let this post be relatable to those who are fed up with our society and them know that there are other people who share their awareness. For others, it doesn’t matter. They are happy being hypnotised by their Instas and their Metas. We are the ones who see the world for what it has become, who see the broken promise of what the world could be.

Enjoy this lucid dream of a freak show!