👋 Hello, World!

Hi, everyone! I am Amer.

After listening to people like Luke Smith and Maciej Ceglowski, I have become very fascinated with the concept of minimalist web design. The concept of having one’s own area on the internet outside of the giant sites is very empowering.

With the aim of hosting my own site on-prem, I bought a Raspberry Pi 4 B. I tinkered with setting up a web server on it. But, due to unknown reasons, I was unable to configure it so that it becomes accessible from outside my home network. (If anyone can help me set it up, it will be a great help.)

Later, I stumbled upon a video by Tom teaches Tech, where he mentioned a hosting provider InfinityFree. With great excitement, I set up the hosting today and the site has become live!

The main goal is still to self-host the site. But, for the time being, this is good enough.

I hope that this site becomes a good example of minimalist web design and that through this site, I find like-minded people with whom I can work on awesome projects.