⚙️ Consistency, Inertia and Systems

30-Day Writing Challenge: 16/30

Sharing my responses to a few questions I got:

Why do we struggle with consistency?

There are a few reasons, as per my knowledge:

First is that our environment does not reward us adequately when we try to build good habits and does not ‘punish’ us when we do the opposite.

There is no system of accountability for such habits, unlike traditional institutions like schools.

Secondly, analogous to the law of inertia, by default we do not do anything. We need reason and motive to do stuff. And most of the time, our reasons are not strong enough to motivate us.

Our goals are nice-to-have, not must-have.

And, most people are dependent on instant gratification and they have low consciousness. This does not facilitate the building of such habits.

What would be a good way to get that consistency?

I think, primarily, we need a system around us that facilitates such growth.

Otherwise, our personal discipline would need to be high enough to overcome the absence of such system.