I am Mohammed (Md) Amer. I live in India. I have completed my Bachelor’s in psychology and Master’s in clinical and counseling psychology from Central University of Karnataka.

I am passionate about a lot of things, like skill acquisition, GNU/LinuxFree and Open Source softwareminimalism and post-scarcity economics.

I have finished my Master’s recently and I plan to start my career with teaching psychology. I spend my time reading books like Harry Potter, tinkering with my computer and trying to meet like-minded people. Inspired by people like Robert Kiyosaki and Sandeep Maheshwari, I have decided to try my hand at business. It’s still in the initial phase and it would take me a considerable amount of time to achieve financial freedom.

I am heavily inspired by Peter Joseph’s The Zeitgeist Movement. I will one day create my own farmhouse, where I can grow my own healthy food, generate my own clean electricity and build an egalitarian community of like-minded people. This is a big project and might require another 5 years of efforts.

As a conscious person, I see all the chaos and irrational things that are happening around us. It is utterly frustrating to see people not living up to their potential. I am acutely aware of the limited time that each of us has on this Earth. So, I try my best to live up to my potential and to push others up to their best.

This website is an effort to document all my interests, hobbies, insights and my passion. I consider this site as a digital extension of my self. I hope that it will help me reach my goals.

If you relate with any of the things mentioned above, or you just wanna say Hi, just drop a message through any of the means mentioned on the Contact Page. I would love to hear from you!