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My Hosting Provider Is Injecting Javascript Into My Site

Date: 18 Aug 2021

At the time of writing this, this site is freely hosted by the service InfinityFree. When I shared a blog post of mine on Mastodon, it was brought to my attention that Javascript (JS) was also being loaded. It is weird, as I don't have any knkowledge of JS and I only used HTML and CSS for the site.

Using Firefox's Inspect option, I found out that a file named aes.js was loaded. This could be something innocuous or not. I am not sure as I don't have knowledge about it. So, someone can shed more light on it. But it seems sketchy to me, as there's also the fact that JS is used for malicious purposes too.

I also read about GoDaddy doing something similar.

I might change to a paid hosting later.


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