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Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a Prepper

Date: 20 July 2021

Sheldon Lee Cooper is a character from the famous sitcom The Big Bang Theory. He is a theoretical physicist who works at CalTech. He lives with his friend and colleague Leonard Hostadter.

The Big Bang Theory is my most favourite show ever. Here I would like to talk about how Sheldon is a great prepper.

First of all, let's define what prepping/survivalism is:

Survivalism is a social movement of individuals or groups (called survivalists or preppers) who proactively prepare for emergencies, including natural disasters, as well as disruptions to social, political, or economic order. (Source: Survivalism - Wikipedia, CC BY_SA 3.0)

There are many occasions where Sheldon is shown to be preparing for uncertain or unsafe events:

Emergency provisions

In season 3 episode 21 'The Plimpton Stimulation', Sheldon has guest, Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton. He gives her an orientation about his emergency provisions:

Backup emergency supply kit, Escape route

In the same episode mentioned above, Sheldon remembers that he needs to take his backup emergency supply kit and that the escape route diagram is present in Elizabeth's welcome packet.

PRK (Public Restroom Kit)

In season 8 episode 19 'The Skywalker Incursion', Sheldon and Leonard prepare for their lecture at a university and Sheldon mentions his PRK:

Emergency preparedness drill

In season 5 episode 15 'The Friendship Contraction', Sheldon wakes Leonard up in the middle of the night for an emergency-preparedness drill by sounding a hazard alarm:

These examples show us the level of prepping Sheldon does. Some of his ways might seem as too extreme, but he serves as a strong example for preppers.


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